Gas control for metal surface treatments
In recent years there has been significant growth in the use and diversity of different techniques for metal surface treatment
Measuring pH in a food-safe environment
Food processing covers a wide range of activities all of which require both food safety and quality standards to be met to ensure that consu...
Process control design – Don’t let ATEX restrict your plans
Manufacturers have developed a huge range of products and systems that can be combined and integrated to produce bespoke process control sys...
Bürkert application segmentation has one simple essence; to connect to you to deliver optimised fluid control solutions.
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process control and measuring equipment has developed a concept o...
Type 8681 Process Control Head

TwinPower Solenoid Valve

The TwinPower valve from industry experts Bürkert uses rocker technology rather than the more familiar plunger type actuation and has two compact coils that operate the valve with a minimal holding current, effective after just 100ms, the result is a 75% reduction in energy usage.

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