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Process Automation / Actuation

We at Burkert have been making high quality solenoid pilot valves for decades and they are installed all over the World.

Advanced communications protocols and seamless integration with remote I/O modules from widely recognised industry manufacturers are key to the successful implementation of our systems in the process industries.

Features included in the ranges are:

  • compact sizes with high flow rates
  • flexible choice of valve sizes on one manifold
  • up to eight valve islands each with 24 valves per fieldbus node
  • ATEX variants for zoned areas

Programmable segment couplers add to the usability of the AirLINE system within networked applications and allow it to operate right at the heart of a process control system

Burkert’s systems building capability adds to the usefulness of these unique process actuation ranges and brings much greater efficiencies and cost savings.

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